Friday, 16 January 2009

Facebook as a political weapon

The paper that Stuart Reeves and I wrote on extracting personal information from relationships on social networking sites, and some of the political implications of this has been accepted for publication in the 'Beyond the mainstream' section of the journal British Politics. The aim of the section is to increase the scope of the study of british politics, which tends to focus primarily upon political parties and their doings, when it should probably be a much broader and more inclusive field. We've more than happy to contribute to that intention with a discussion of politics of surveillance and personal information. 

We've got to do a couple of minor revisions, then it should hopefully be published in Volume 4, Issue 2 this year (maybe June, going by last years publication pattern). Stuart had his viva around the same time as I did, and has also recently submitted his corrections. 

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  1. Hi David, there is any free source to get this paper.