Friday, 13 February 2009

Moral Maze - Surveillance Society

Radio 4's Moral Maze programme deals with information, privacy, surveillance and the state.
They did one of these a couple of years back. I wonder if this one will irritate me as much as previously.

People presenting evidence to the panel included Phil Booth of NO2ID, he gives a fairly good account. Although I'm not sure about his reliance on a mantra of choice, although it does highlight the problem that the state can compell in ways that others do not.
Second up is David Aaronivitch, who would like to see everybody contributing their DNA to a national database, because its fairer. He manages to make Michael Portillo seem liberal (liberty is worth a few lives). Also anybody who thinks we're walking in a sleepwalking society, are suffering from some form of paranoia. Also, he can't actually use logic.
Thirdly, Matt Britten, manager of Google UK, which is interesting.
Fourthly is Professor Rosen

Also, Melanie Phillips is an idiot. Why she has anything to do with a programme which is supposed to think about moral or ethical issues, I don't know. She openly rephrases people's arguments, removing all nuance in order to try and make a point. I hate people whose main strategy is 'so what you're saying is...'

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