Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spaces of Terror and Risk

The special issue of the journal Space and Culture that I guest edited with Ces Moore and Joel McKim is now out in print as volume 15, issue 2

It includes the follow articles:

  • Introduction - Spaces of Terror and Risk - David Barnard-Wills, Cerwyn Moore & Joel McKim
  • the Time/Space of Preparedness: Anticipating 'the next terrorist attack' - Claudia Aradau & Rens Van Munster
  • Securing Virtual Space: Cyber War, Cyber Terror and Risk - David Barnard-Wills & Debi Ashenden
  • Signifying Security - On the Institutional appeals of Nightclub ID scanning systems - Kevin Haggerty & Camile Tokar
  • The Architecture of Disaster - Teresa Stoppani
  • Cultivating Security: Plants in the Urban Landscape - Erin Despard
  • Sexy Sammie and Red Rosie? From Burning Books to the War on Terror - John Hutnyk
Very happy to see it finally in print, although my hard copy hasn't turned up yet. Congratulations to everybody involved in this.

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