Saturday, 4 August 2012

Representing Surveillance, Privacy and Identity Technology

Towards the tail end of the VOME project, working at Cranfield, I was trying to get some input for artistic projects by David Benque and Austin Houldsworth on representing surveillance, privacy and identity technology,. As part of this, I asked around for comment and suggestions. I had the following responses which I've collated together. I'd been meaning to post this for a while. 

Many thanks to John Guelke, Christian Bonnici, Aaron Martin, Bernd Stahl, Chiara Fonio, Athina Karatzogianni, James Harding, Jason Pridmore, Dan Trottier, Kevin Haggerty, Stuart Reeves, Kristen Veel, Kirstie Ball and Gavin Smith for their help with this. They each answered the following questions:

1) If there was one concept or idea regarding the topics of privacy, surveillance, and identity technology that you wished was better understood by the general public, what would it be? Why is this idea important?

2) Are there topics or issues in this area that you feel are particularly difficult to grasp?

There was a range of responses, and I think they make interesting reading.

You can download the pdf from here

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