Monday, 6 October 2008

(nearly) Dr Wills

I passed my viva voce examination for my doctorate at the University of Nottingham on Friday afternoon. I now have three months to make the corrections suggested by the examiners, David Murakami Wood and David Stevens. Hopefully, I'll get the list of those fairly soon so I can crack on with them.

Very pleased with this outcome, and the viva itself was a learning experience, with several things to think about (as was re-reading through my thesis in preparation for the event). So my thanks to both examiners. I'll be reviewing some of the material as I work through the corrections, and David MW's going to give me a list of things to read, which I'm looking forward to, so some of the outputs from that should make their way here.

I need to clarify some of my arguments, bring 'the biggest theoretical output in the whole thesis' (which turns out to involve Deleuze!) out to the front and put it centre stage, cut out some elements that remain from older version of the argument (but might actually be strongly present in the IDIS paper), make clear my normative position (which will also help to cement the validity model of the project) and brush up on the complexity of surveillance history. Apparently, the best written part of the paper was the account of foucauldian Governmentality theory (which I am cemented in my belief of its applicability to the current research project).

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