Thursday, 10 September 2009

Provisional programme for Security Workshop at POLSIS

"What threatens? Building Bridges in Security and Conflict Studies'

Tuesday 22nd September, G51 ERI Building, University of Birmingham

Panel 1 The Value of Military History for Contemporary Practitioners and Policy Makers

Chair: tbc

Peter W. Gray, “The Value of Military History in the Contemporary Environment”

Gary Sheffield, “Staff Ride and Seminar Room: The Realities of Applied Military History”

Christina Goulter, “Military Historical Support to the Royal Air Force”

Panel 2 American Hegemony and Its Maintenance

Chair: Richard Lock-Pullan

Adam Quinn, "In search of limits: AfPak and the 'new realism' in US foreign policy"

David Dunn, "Innovations and Precedent: the United States Use of Force and the Kosovo War"

Ben Zala, "American Hegemony and the Re-emergence of the Nuclear Disarmament Agenda"

Panel 3 What does Statebuilding Mean in Practice?

Chair: tbc

Paul Jackson, “State building, nation building and what the liberal peace means in practice”

Danielle Beswick, “The politics of regime security after genocide: Exploring Rwanda interventionism from DRC to Darfur”

Peter Albrecht, “Security Sector Reform, State-Building and Innovation in Sierra Leone”

Panel 4 Exploring the Boundaries of Critical Security: Identity, Time and Space

Chair: tbc

Laura Shepherd, “Gender and Global Social Justice: Peacebuilding and the Politics of Participation”

David Wills, “Securing Identity - Securitisation or Governmentality?”

John Carmen, “A Critical Approach to the Study of Conflict over the Long Term”


Chair: tbc

Paul Jackson, David Dunn, Garry Sheffield

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