Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Living Places

My wife Kat Barnard-Wills (aka Kate Barnard) has just had an article published in the national arts publication 'Arts Professional'. In the article, she talks about some of the work that she's been involved with over the last year and a half in her role at Arts Council England. The culture and sport planning tools that she played a leading role in the development of should help to ensure positive changes in the way that culture and sporting infrastructure is planned, funded and delivered across the UK

You can read Kat's article 'Living Places' in Arts Professional, here.

The culture and sport planning toolkit can be found here and information on the arts and museums standard charge here. The toolkit is a set of information, tools and resources for planners, developers, and cultural professionals. The standard charge is a robust methodology for establishing required levels of arts and museums infrastructure. This should help make the case for developer contributions and other funding streams towards arts and museums. The idea here is that developers building large numbers of new housing stock should contribute to making sure areas has sustainable cultural and sporting infrastructre - making them better places to live and work.

Good stuff!

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