Friday, 10 December 2010

New Publication: The Terrorism of the Other

An article that I co-wrote with Dr Cerwyn Moore, of POLSIS, University of Birmingham has just been published in Critical Studies on Terrorism. It's titled 'The Terrorism of the Other: Toward and contrapuntal reading of terrorism in India', and available (behind the paywall) at Informaworld

The abstract is as follows:

This article advances an argument for a contrapuntal reading of terrorism using the case study of India. In recent years, the work of Edward Said has received some attention in the field of international relations. As yet, however, most readings of terrorism, either in its traditional form of terrorism studies or in the guise of critical terrorism studies, have not addressed the interface between terrorism and security, drawing on the work of Said. We take his work as a point of departure, enabling the analysis in this article to critique the 'clash of civilisations' thesis whilst also exploring the relationship between mass casualty terrorism and crowded places. In doing so, we draw attention to the instantiation of a series of attacks in India. The final section of this article pulls the analysis together so as to question the relationship between poverty and resilience.

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