Thursday, 24 January 2013

Images for 'Invisible Surveillance in Visual Art'


Edgerton, H.E. 1940s. Pentagon, Photograph.

Norfolk, S. 2003. BBC World Service Atlantic Relay Station. Photograph.

Stih and Schnock, 2001b. Schleyer-Konsorton, CD-ROM.

Toots,T. 2011. Memopol-2, Multimedia installation.

Builders Association. 2005. Super Vision, Multimedia and performance.

de Nijs, M. 2009-9. Physiognomic Scrutinizer, Multimedia installation.

Chatonsky, G. 2007. Le Registre - The Register. Book shelf and books.

Rubin, B. and M. Hansen. 2001-3. Listening Post. Multimedia installation.

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